25 November 2010

Movie Time --> Rapunzel

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There was a man and his wife who wanted a child for many years. They lived next to a witch, who had a garden that was surrounded by a wall.
The wife wanted some lettuce so bad that her husband agreed to sneak into the witch’s garden and get some.
          The witch caught the man and made a deal with him. He could take the lettuce but when they had a child the witch would get the baby.
          When the couple had a baby the witch came and took the girl and called her Rapunzel. The witch put her into a high tower that did not have a door. It only had a small window at the top. The witch would come every morning and climb up Rapunzel’s hair to get into the tower.
          One day a Prince came by and heard Rapunzel’s song. He watched the witch and learned how to get into the tower. Later he climbed into the tower on Rapunzel’s hair. They became friends and decided to get married.
          The witch found out and cut off Rapunzel’s hair and took her to a desert. When the Prince came the witch was waiting for him. The Prince fell into a thorn bush and he became blinded by the thorns.
          He wandered around for years until he found Rapunzel. Her tears fell into the Prince’s eyes and he was able to see again. They returned to his castle and were married.